About the Ananas

A short introduction, a tiny hello and a petit bonjour to all you lovely readers...

They call me The Laughing Ananas, not because I’m crazy, but because that’s what I do. iLaugh, for a living, and I’m only here to share my lifestyle secrets with you. Find these secrets on the following pages:

The art of keeping natural and keeping beautiful. Read this page to see how chemical free, natural sources of beauty can turn into products that leave you feeling fresh and young. So who makes these products? Well, YOU DO! They're simple, they're homemade and they're beautiful. Try them now!

Does your food make you feel lousy, greasy and lethargic? Well then, turn your food into good! The myth that healthy foods taste bland, dull and bitter is actually only a myth. This page is full of delicious, mouth-watering food that will satisfy all your sinful cravings, and yet, never make you a slightest inch fat.  

Tired of the nitty gritty of life? This page will calm you down. Experience mindfulness, peace of mind and meditation here. You can also meet your best friend, your true self, in these posts.  

Who is Akira? Well, YOU are Akira. And not just you, I am Akira too. Everyone is Akira, your neighbour, your plumber, your spouse and even your dog. We all experience similar pleasures, similar pains and have similar questions about our purpose of life at some point in our lives. The stories of Akira's journey of life gets us reflecting upon our own lives and reminds us of the values we may forget in our daily lives. Read them, they're short!

Can't meditate? Try some arts and crafts! Indulging in these activities gets you living in the moment and settling down your monkey mind. And you can always do with some gorgeous paintings and ideas for home decor. Start making your own!

A fulfilling life is never solely attained by riding in your Ferrari, dining in a 5 star and drowning yourself into expensive jewellery. A simple life will always promise you the fulfilment you may not find in the many layers of your onion life. A simple life does not necessarily mean renunciation. Raise a plant, help a stranger and maybe even bathe in the Sun! Take a step towards oneness with nature and get closer to your simple, fulfilled life.

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For more tips on the haha’s and a vibrantly happy living, keep reading, keep following!


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