Monday, 30 November 2015

DIY Leaf Art Frame

Here a leaf, there a leaf
Everywhere a leaf leaf
Old MacDonald had a leaf

Painting is like meditating. Do you find it difficult to meditate? Then paint. It gets you living in the moment. When you're painting, you are only painting. You're not constantly looking at your phone, or your dog, or your XYZ. You're only painting. You're not multi-tasking, you're only painting and settling down. Your monkey mind stops to think and starts to create. Try it and experience a deep state of peace and stillness. And hey, you can always get a great DIY frame out of it.

Fall is here and with it the leaves are too. You see these leaves everywhere and in every colour. They have some wonderful shades; shades of green, shades of red, shades of brown and many more. I went out leaf picking one day and collected some of these beautiful leaves. If you, like Old MacDonald, have a leaf or two and feel like meditating on some leaf art, then here's what you can do...

Wash and dry the leaves

Stick on the leaves and paint

Frame it

_ _ _ _


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

iSpy DIY

Do you normally throw all the cardboard that you find lying around the house? Are you likely to trash out your kitchen and toilet paper rolls? Well don't! Here's why...

I had so many hand towels and random pieces of cloth lying around that one day, before trashing out my kitchen rolls, I had this vision of fabricating something out of those kitchen rolls to get rid of having to see a gazillion hand towels everywhere! 

Check it out. 

Paper holding  the rolls
1. Making the core body of the stand

Kitchen rolls molded into a hanging stand 

2. Preparing the mixture for Paper Maché

Cling film the bowl so it doesn't become glue-ey
2 (glue) : 1 (water)

3. Paper Maché-ing

Stick on the newspaper

4. Customizing

Poke in some broken hanger tops
5. Painting

6. Using